As international travelers can attest, the world is as wonderful and weird as it is wide. Nowhere is this more evident than in humanity’s multifarious customs, which are as diverse as the global cultures that spawned them. … 1. Muslim culture Muslims follow Sharia law. Derived from the Islamic holy text, the Qùran, it governs… Read More

5. Don’t Spend Money Until You Have It I made a mistake with an early tech firm I had where I secured venture financing, went out and started making deals for how I would spend it, then the money didn’t come in and I was left picking up the pieces. This was in the early… Read More

4. Trying to beat the 1031 clock Section 1031 of the U.S. tax code lets you sell one investment property and buy another investment property without paying tax on the sale. The catch? The clock is ticking. You need to identify a property to buy within 45 days. In a seller’s market, “Sellers can find… Read More

EA, President of 1st Tax Author of The Small Business Tax Guide and Pro Choice, A Financial Guide for Women “Renting can be better than buying in many circumstances.” As a tax professional who works with many real estate investors, and a real estate investor myself, I find renting can be better than buying in many circumstances.… Read More

18. Be Prepared to Pivot My piece of advice would be to cover everything imaginable during the planning phase, but then to not be too attached to the outcome. I find most businesses have almost no plan they are going off, and no contingency plans for when things don’t go right. Spend the time before… Read More

“Another positive effect: Overseas travel should be more consumer friendly. ‘It will make international travel easier and more secure,’ says Crystal Stranger, president of1st Tax, a Los Angeles tax services provider, and the author of The Small Business Tax Guide. ‘I travel internationally frequently and, particularly in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, it is getting very difficult to… Read More

“PASSIONATE, DECISIVENESS, TOUGHNESS CRYSTAL STRANGER, EA, PRESIDENT OF 1ST TAX There are three things that businesses should look for in hiring an exceptional leader: 1. Passionate – having someone who genuinely loves what you do is critical as this person must be the one driving the motivation for everyone else on the team. 2. Decisive – ask them questions about… Read More

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