What happens when you give your customers an outdated solution that doesn’t meet their needs? Chances are, they’ll find a new solution. But, what happens if your clients have no better options? As explained below, you’ll create frustrated clients.

“Working in the tax field I see this issue all too often,” says Crystal Stranger, EA, President of 1st Tax. “While I appreciate that many complex legacy programs are challenging and costly to update, none of the products on the market for tax solutions fully fit my needs. And owning a business who spends in the tens of thousands a year in software, this is very frustrating. Tax software tends to either be comprehensive and clunky, or overly simplified without the ability to adjust certain facets. I work predominately with expat and international tax issues and have certain common situations that are unworkable on any software platform and must use manual overrides. The user interface, client portals and printing functions also seem to have not been updated since Y2k. Very clunky and not what I, or my tech savvy clients, would expect.”

This is an all-too-common problem. When a company’s users or customers have no better options, there’s no pressure to modernize the solution.

But, there’s a problem: A new option will inevitably emerge. It always does. When that happens, your frustrated users will leave in droves. Entire industries are going through shakeups right now as a result.

This applies to both software vendors and IT departments. If an IT department delivers outdated solutions, their users will begrudgingly use them. But, as soon as they find a better solution to meet their needs, they’ll use it in a heartbeat. This is the problem fueling the “Shadow IT” trend–a growing issue in the business world.

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