The First Nationwide Tax Firm For Small Businesses

Did you know 548,000 new businesses are started every month, or that over one million LLC’s are formed each year?

First Tax is the first nationwide tax firm created exclusively for small businesses. By specializing in small business tax law we can find deductions other preparers typically miss, saving our clients 15% or more on their tax bills.

We offer:

  • Returns prepared only by highly qualified CPA’s, enrolled agents and tax attorneys
  • Specialized knowledge to ensure you take advantage of every deduction available
  • Access to tax information and your agent 24 hours a day
  • The privacy of working on financial information from the comfort of your office or home
  • Audit assistance

Our mission is to empower our clients with tax and financial tools that will lead to success. We believe in honesty and integrity in all financial matters, but there are many legal and ethical ways to reduce one’s tax liability and nobody should pay more in tax than is their fair share. We offer a broad range of services for business owners, independent contractors and investors. Fear the taxman no more, with our friendly guidance you will be able to triumph over all your tax situations.

Crystal Stranger, President of 1st Tax, is not your average accountant by any means. As a teen she was involved in automotive racing and observed that most of the successful racers had the money and freedom to race by owning businesses. She founded several internet companies with moderate success, then switched her focus to real estate. She read every book in the library on investment while working three jobs and living in a seventeen foot trailer to save money, officially homeless. Within a year she saved a down payment, leveraged through investing in stocks, and bought her first house at the age of 21. By 26 she was a millionaire, owning several businesses and a large real estate portfolio.

Crystal’s interest in tax arose when nobody could give clear answers about how much tax she would owe when selling her properties. This led her to taking a tax course to gain general knowledge, then into an educational program for becoming an Enrolled Agent. After another couple years of work and study she finally had her answers; in the process amassing an extensive knowledge in investment and small business tax laws. Crystal conceived 1st Tax as a way of sharing this specialized knowledge with those who would most benefit, by providing an online source for small business tax services.

Our new guide that shows you how to SAVE BIG MONEY on your small business taxes.

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